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”Casual” Beach Parties and Beach Baskets!

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  Great Maho Beach  

“A REAL Beach Party”! Christys provides blankets for “Ocean-Side Dining”, Weber Grill, Coolers, and Serving Tables! Parking is parallel to the beach and an abundance of shade by grape trees. This Bay is 1’ to 2’deep for 20 feet out, great for toddlers, games, and beach chairs in the water!!

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  Hawksnest Beach  

Covered Pavilion for picnics are nestled into Nature (left & right). “Nature-Covered” (center), Picnic area is our personal favorite. Ocean is 10 feet away from both. Restrooms and changing rooms are on site.
Menu Options
Wet Your Whistles
Pomegranate-Green Tea, Chunky Fruit Punch, & Water
Sunshine Nibbles
Fruit & Cheese Nibbles & Volcano Veggie Salsa/Chips
Sea Shell Salads Choice of 2 or 3 depending on size of Party
A. Asian Sesame Slaw - Roasted Sesame & Sunflower Seeds, with Olive Oil, & Salt
B. Potato Salad- Celery, onion, egg, & spices (Sweet relish or dill may be requested)
C. Macaroni (or scallop potatoes) Casserole /Cheese/Scallions/spices
D. Grilled Vegetables-Asparagus, Broccoli, Squash, Scallions, & Bell Peppers

Captain’s Grill- 2 Entrée’s choices
Entrée’s are grilled on Skewers with the ultimate “Weber Charcoal Grill”!!!
A .Beef Tenderloin Request for temps will be requested (Rare, med ECT.)
B. Large Shrimp Skewers
C. Chicken-Skewers
D. Fresh Catch of the day- Smokey Grilled with onions, herbs, butter, and garlic
Deserts 1-2 depending on size of Party
A. “Cruzan” Rum Cake-“Christy’s” Famous Treat
­B. “Oceans” of Chocolate Bundt Cake
C. “Yellow Bird” Fruity Cake
D. “Bakery Cakes “may be ordered separately by the client, we will pick-up for you. & provide plates and forks.

Christy’s Provides:
Food, Grills, Coolers with Ice, Cups, Plates, and Flatware, & “Bright Service”
This Service does NOT include Liquor or Sodas (see “Wet your Whistle” items)
Arrangements can be made to have liquor/soda purchased and delivered to the beach for you.
Beverage Service:  $50+20% of cost
Party Décor and Accessories-$200+.  Request call from Susie to customize.
Steel Pan Music $300 for 1 Pan 1 hr. Request quote for additional pan, Instruments, & or vocals.

OOPPPS!!!! Just a small group?
Try our New Beach Basket, with a similar menu to the Beach Parties.
Going to be hiking, fishing, or planning an adventure to an outer beach?
We will deliver to your villa AM, before you head out.     
Adult Platter- $55- (2) Skewers: Beef, Shrimp, or Chicken Grilled on a Weber. Accented by Roasted Veggies, Fruit, Olives, and Cheese of choice. (Photo center below)
Children Platter- $25- Fried Chicken: Strips or Legs OR Custom Sandwich: Kids are PICKY, let’s make it their way! Either served with Carrots, Kraft Mac & Cheese, and Red Grapes/Oranges.

beachstuff Beach basket platters

Instant Picnic in a Basket:
Plates, Flatware, Napkins, Cups, Condiments, Large Dining cloth.
 Soft Coolers filled with Platters, Ice, & (1) Desert: Brownies/Fresh Strawberries; Cookie Platter/Heath Bar, Oatmeal, & Peanut Butter; OR chopped Fruit Salad with Pecans. 12 Grain Bread

Guests provide their own Beverages.
48 Hour notice, Please.
Call to place your order : (340)776-6889


Contact us at:
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